WATER WEED WIZARD is a business specialising in eliminating all declared noxious and unwanted aquatic and terrestrial weeds by using only manual methods (no chemicals). We physically remove the weeds from the water area using various methods for a vast variety of weeds.

Apart from initial clean outs of infested water areas we also have a maintenance service which will prevent re-infestations.
As we work with a hands on attitude we consider our work to be very thorough and efficient indeed, which in turn limits regrowth.
(A good time to put in place our maintenance service).

We work by the square metre rate, customers know how much weed they have and how much it will cost exactly to have removed. Jobs can be cleaned out in full, part or even in stages, as all work is by a square metre rate. Rates vary from 50 cents up to $5.00 per square metre depending on type of weed and severity of infestation
(mass bulk) and such things as access.
Most jobs fall into the $1.00 to $2.00 square metre bracket.

In recent times Water Weed Wizard has expanded it's service to include: Construction, Repairs to leaking dams, spillways & intakes.
Also all features of rock work and landscaping of surrounding areas a specialty.

If you have any problems with aquatic weeds we would ask you to please consider using Water Weed Wizard as we know we can take your aquatic weed problems away. We are currently on the joint panel of providers which services Caloundra, Noosa and Maroochy councils. All work is carried out with nature in mind.

Your Native Aquatic Guardian.

Shane Beevor


Water weed
Water weed
Water weed